Cucumber problems!

Jul 5, 2021
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Seattle WA
United States
I have two cucumber plants. One is a Perseus hybrid. I've seen some information online saying this is a "self pollinating" variety but I'm not sure. When it was in a container on my patio it actually started growing two cukes. It was on the container much too long since the veggie garden took longer to construct than we'd planned. Since I put it in the garden bed the 2 cukes grew a bit bit the plant itself has stopped growing. The leaves have a downward curl and the tendrils are drying up & no more blooms have appeared.

The other one is a Slice Master F1 hybrid. It is producing all female flowers but none are developing. I saw one or two mentions that it might be parthenocarpic but it's possible it's just gynoecious but not parthenocarpic. It is growing like crazy (a few feet from the stunted Perseus ), plenty of flowers but fruit doesn't develop.

They are in a new bed with good soil. They get good sun starting about noon for at least 6 hours. I water with a soaker hose regularly for about 30 mins each time. Put some compost on a few days ago but not sure what else to do.

Also, how can I tell which variety a cuke really is (parthenocarpic, gynoecious etc) - online info can apparently be unreliable


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