Crepe Myrtle HELP!

May 19, 2019
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United States
Bought house 1 year ago. Have a 25ish foot high Crepe Myrtle that needs attention. Last year it bloomed some off of the tall branches but also grew shoots from the base. Me not knowing how to take care of one just let them grow. Didn't have a chance over the winter to prune it/didn't know how to. I've researched how to now but I am worried it is past being able to be pruned and should be chopped off to start all new.

I know it has way to many trunks, it should have around 5 trunks with branches shooting off at about 4 feet high. But it looks like all the main trunks are now dead as there is no new growth from them and they are splitting. I would love to save them but are they dead?

There are about 20 small shoots coming from the base. I understand I should have clipped them immediately but it is too late for that. Should I cut it all off except for 5 shoots from the base?

Your help is incredibly appreciated!


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