Crandall Clove Currants in Juglone Soil


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May 21, 2020
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West Michigan
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I've been wanting to grow currants in my yard lately and I was recently informed about a certain variety of golden currant (some consider it to be golden) called crandall currants. They're specifically a clove type of currant and from what I read online about them they can do well in the midwest. I've been looking at a site that lists different types of plants that are resistant to juglone from black walnut trees (of which are ubiquitous in my area) and apparently any ribes species can still grow in such conditions. However these being a special named variety of currant, I wanted to see if anyone knew about them and whether they really would be okay growing near black walnuts? There's a decent amount of plants that are susceptible to juglone so I want to make sure I can actually raise this shrub in my yard without having them eventually die from it.

Link to the Juglone-tolerant plants list:

Thank you!


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