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Peace perfect peace

If i could put my finger on what i like ref living in a place thats not moved forward in years It's the country way of No waste no matter it be food clothing or the old bangers you see puffing along the country lanes and tracks,

But a week or so ago i was in the garden just sitting on the swinging seat taking in the sunshine when one of the dogs decided to but a stop to the peace and let me know i had a visitor,
It was the old farmer from the next Hamlet, "Terry" he's french but his english is coming along step by step, ie OOTEL is really hotel,
Now Terry being 86yrs has not got a PC, or a shower and if he can save he will,
I noticed he was walking to one side and so i ask him if he'd had a shoe problem,
NO NO its the cord its a bit short and the ground uneven,
I took a look and the string he was using had just given up the ghost,
Let me get you a new shoe lace "I said" I'll just go in the workshop and find one, You take your shoe off I'll be back in a moment.

When i returned Terry was sitting on the swing seat and his shoe was being inspected by Henry (my eldest dog)

Whats this inside your shoe "Terry" I asked as i pulled this thing out,

Thats a very inexspensive shoe liner i buy at the chemist,
But this is'nt a shoe liner it a womans sanitary towel :unsure: Is'nt it ?

Oh no no you can spend a lot of euro's on a fancy shoe liner or buy a pkt of those for much less euro and they last a long time.

Would you like one for your boots?

You must admit you dont get neighbours like Terry every day "I dread to think what he's using for a face mask in these you must cover up your mouth days:)


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