Citrus Help (Yuzu and Meyer Lemon)

Sep 23, 2017
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United States
This summer, I got 1 Yuzu tree and 1 Meyer Lemon tree. Both are having trouble.

Both started out in my sunroom, which is has no windows on the ceiling, but the south wall is a 1 big window and the larger west-facing side is all windows. No windows on the north side. Lots of bright indirect light all year round, but I live in the PNW, so there are lots of clouds and not much light in the winter. Some direct light when the sun is shining through the windows. Temps get up to 90 degrees in the summer (but good ventilation with breezes blowing through), down to 40s in the winter. I use a soil moisture monitor and water whenever the plant is totally dry.

Both plants were doing beautifully when I brought them home from the nursery, but both slowly started to have trouble in the sunroom. I eventually moved them outside, but I think it was too late at that point. Any advice on what I can do to save these plants for next year? Should I bring them indoors for the winter to avoid getting their roots soaked all winter long? Are they salvagable? Here are details on what happened to each:

1. Yuzu

Had flowers and beautiful leaves at the nursery. At home in the sunroom the leaves curled up and got crispy and dried out even if I watered consistently. I did have them in a terra cotta pot, so maybe it still wasn't enough water. Moved it outside. The leaves and flowers fell off, and there were little yuzu mini-fruit buds, but they never made it to full fruits.

2. Meyer Lemon

Also had nice foliage and flowers at first, but then started getting yellow leaves. They didn't really curl up like the yuzu did, but the foliage and flowers fell off too, even after I moved it outside (maybe it was too late anyway) and no fruit really formed.

I welcome your advice!


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