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Jan 11, 2020
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White Christmas is a true classic of a time when decency ruled; the song White Christmas is still an old time favourite and Christmas wouldn't be the same without hearing it. I'm a dinosaur in this modern age; when I was a child people had respect for themselves and respect for others; now its money and greed; stores pushing Christmas items long before Christmas; then Valentine Day and Easter; I expect to see Cadbury Cream Eggs very soon in the stores; there's no let up and we've even now got Black Friday? Why not have Pink Saturday; Red Sunday; White Monday; Yellow Tuesday; Blue Wednesday; Green Thursday; uncles; aunties; mother's; father's day it's all down to money. I don't like Christmas because its all so false but for anyone who does like Christmas I wish you all the very best.
Kind regards, Colin. (Bah Humbug).

Like most things, it mainly comes down to what one makes of it. Want Christmas foods? Check. Want shopping? Check. Want Black Friday bloodsport? Check. Want a more nostalgic feel? Check. Basically just about any flavor of Christmas is out there. That is especially the case in what we all do. I have no problem with stores stocking ahead of season. We love Christmas in various flavors and can't seem to get enough of it done during season. So, we'd rather not wade into the fray at the height of season. We get all the "busy" side of things out of the way early and when most people start the rush, we're enjoying every minute of the season. Black Friday? Nope. We have no desire to participate in that. We have friends who love it. More power to them. With a modicum of planning and execution, we avoid what a good many hate about the season. We don't bring that into our home nor do we dwell on that stuff. We are fully engaged in what we love about the season. That said, we're also year-round Christmas weirdos. We might watch a Christmas movie any month of the the year. The car has a thumb drive with hundreds of Christmas albums on it. We've been asked if we think too much of a good thing is bad and whether it makes it less special. Nope. I love chocolate. I don't only love it one month of the year. The only way to make it better is by adding MORE chocolate! (y) Seriously though, whether one loved Christmas for a week, a day, or a year, I don't understand why some turn it into drudgery. There are a fair number ofsimilarly negative aspects associated with gardening...commercialization, bad info, impatient people, bickering over what method produces results, people stealing plants/blooms, etc. I'm guessing most here choose to put their energies into the enjoyment of the hobby/lifestyle. Our garden is the sanctuary. Nothing bad gets to enter. Sure, stuff happens, but we very quickly right that ship. Someone once said gardeners are optimists. We try to maintain that very thought.


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