Children and the way they do things

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Peace perfect peace

Children when young will tell you how things are and it'll be the truth and they can make memouriess from the past last all your life,

A young "very new" teacher was about to walk into her first class room full of first year Infants,

The older teacher was giving the younger teacher some experienced advice,
(Now start as you mean to go on, have no nonsence, And remember you are in charge,)

The new teacher took a deep breath opened the class room door and walked inside, The noise was deafening, kids screaming at each other; running up & down the isles, banging dest lids, it was mayhem big time.

Silence! Silence!
"The new teacher screamed out,

And silence was delivered at once, and she was greeted with a class room full of little faces "All eye's looking at her"

You are going to behave and start to pull your socks up from now on, do you understand?????

(It was then her lifes memoury box was going to see a sight she'd remember for the rest of her life,)

All these little heads bent down as they pulled their little socks up.


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