Chamomile now growing flower buds.

Jun 23, 2024
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Indiana, USA
United States
A little introduction I don't know much about plants,im a beginner in this hobby but I found a grow kit for chamomile and I thought I'd give it a go. Well after many months of babying this plant I *finally* am seeing some flower buds.

It's been attacked by aphids and other pests in the past, I've kept them away with a home-made solution of dish soap, alcohol, and water (apply/spray daily for best results, I spray in the morning, i didnt need to spray early on, but after they grow a bit). If you are unaware just Google dish soap solution for keeping pests off your plants.

This is the first plant I've planted from seed that's ever made it this far to flowering, it often gets droopy/wilts in the hot sun. It gets about 6 hours of afternoon sun a day, I believe it would have grown quicker if it had more full sun, but it's technically on track because chamomile blooms in summer/fall. It grows fairly bushy looking at first, once you start seeing flower buds the stems of the plant start growing upwards.

This will go down as the first plant I've grown from seed to flower. I didn't find it necessarily beginner or super easy as it is kind of delicate in the sun and wilts and droops easy, making it appear almost dead. If you leave it out in the hot summer sun best be sure to water it well and in my experience it attracts pests often.

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