Boxwood planting tips

Nov 11, 2021
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Sri lanka
Sri Lanka

While picking where to establish boxwoods, try to establish them in the spot generally suitable for their requirements. A full or part sun area is required for ideal development of this example. Effectively developing boxwood requires very much depleted soil and keeping in mind that the plants favor soil to be natural, the boxwood's dirt necessities are versatile. When establishing boxwood, think about your all-year environment. In case temperatures become amazingly sweltering in summer, boxwood plants will see the value in evening shade and normal watering. Water profoundly, as continuous, shallow water system won't arrive at the root zone of the developing boxwood. Until set up, after around two years, boxwoods will require to some extent week by week watering. When establishing boxwood, find them in a space that is shielded from winter wind to keep away from a condition called winter tanning. Plant at a similar level they were planted at the nursery or in the holder. Establishing boxwood also profoundly can prompt pressure and perhaps demise.


Aug 10, 2021
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United States
One of the traits I like best about some Box (Buxus) is that leaves will turn wonderful shades of orange,yellow, olive, and ochre in Winter and the re-green in Spring. I have an old Japanese Boxwood (Buxus microphylla) in my garden that turns various shades of golden-yellow after the colder weather comes on. This is an under-appreciated example of seasonal color. Unfortunately, some gardeners and breeders have decided this color change is a fault and have bred and selected cultivars that stay the same monotonous green all year long.

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