Blackberry cuttings difficulty

Apr 3, 2022
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Earlier in the year I took cuttings from a few blackberry bushes (then dormant) and stuck them in potting soil and kept them damp. 4 out of 10 finally showed growth with new green leaves. I transplanted two of them on March 31.

The problem is that two of them appears to have just up and died. One died that I transplanted and one died that is still in a pot. The green leaves just browned and wilted. The other two are fine (one still in a pot and one in the ground).

Also I bought a two pack from Lowes that both had green leaves the day I bought them. Transplanted on the same day. One of those is doing fine, the other ones leaves browned and died just like the ones I started.

What's going on here? I'm guessing maybe they don't like to be transplanted but that doesn't explain the one still in the pot that died?
Did they die, run out of energy to grow, growing roots now, or something else? Should I just wait to see?

Both mine, uknown variety:

The two from Lowes, arapaho and oachita:

I also bought two from Walmart that were bare that were transplanted on the same day and they don't see to be doing anything yet. They did have roots but still look like twigs stuck in the dirt. I might just be a little impatient with these, but how long would you give them to show some growth?


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