Bingo Beans


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Feb 5, 2019
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As I age, the act of bending over for long times to harvest bush pinto beans becomes less enjoyable. Hence, I've been searching for a pole bean replacement...and think I've found it. The Bingo Bean.

Why grow shelling beans...they're cheap right? Its all about taste. Garden grown shelling beans are an absolute delight compared to the stuff you get off the shelves of local groceries. Garden grown shellers cook faster, less gas (really), and have incomparable taste. We harvest ours, shell 'em, and freeze them until use.

I ran across the Bingo Bean from Territorial seeds this year. Its description fit perfectly what I was looking for: "Big, creamy green pods are streaked in bright pinkish red, growing 5 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. The dried bean flaunts the same cream color with red streaks and a hearty, delicious flavor. Tastes amazing in soups or traditional Italian recipes such as Pasta e Fagioli."

After trying them this spring, I have to say they indeed live up to their description. They readily take to a trellis and rapidly put on the beans that at first look like large green beans.

drying beans.JPG

As they mature, however, they take on the pinkish red hues as described by Territorial and have a very appealing look.

bingos maturing 2019.JPG

Harvesting and shelling is an absolute joy compared to the pinto bush beans we have growing. We will end up freezing about 5 gallons of shelled Bingos :

Bingos in bowl 2019.JPG

The real test, however, is in the taste...and theses beans are delightful, absolutely delightful to eat topped with some home made salsa.

bingo and salsa 2019.JPG

This one is well worth growing...if you like ease of harvest and outstanding taste. The Bingo bean.


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