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Ive been gardening since i was around 20yrs of age (70 now) and i like to think ive learnt a lot "But" still willing and wanting to learn more,
Now ive read many times that some people say "It's winter now and the snow's arrived / rain / Even stormy weather and i can't do anything ref gardening !!!!

Well they're so very very wrong, Books have so much information ref gardening you'll be really amazed at what you can learn,
ie can you use Asprin in your Garden ? Is milk good for your plants ? Whats the very best way to keep weeds down?

All the above questions ive read and know the answers to and all from reading during those bad "No gardening" times of the year,
For me nothing can be better than closing the bad weather out on those winter nights, sitting in my favourit chair by the wood burner, a glass of wine and a gardening book reading the verious subject to mind at that time of my gardening future plan.
I have a library of gardening books from many years ago, books that are 4 inches thick and written by gardeners who really did know what they are talking about,
Most of these books came from verious animal rescue shops/cancer research shops/ etc etc etc and proberly the owners of these books have no further use of them, but when these books we're first bought they cost a lot more than todays 1 inch thick book of very little real indepth advice and seem to have full A4 size picture of the gardener whos having the book published and then half a dozen A4 size pictures of verious flowers or a cabbage etc etc, (All a waste of space)

Now the gardening clothing such as the jumper for those chilly gardening work days can again be purchased in such as the Animal rescue / Red Cross shops for a fraction of the price of new clothing and all money will be to a good cause But if you snag a jumper due to a rose fight, who cares it was cheap and can be used again and again,
If your just starting to garden and need the answers at any time your ready to find out a problem and want it at hands reach ? Try these verious shops for the books/clothing, You'll be glad you did.
Question Answers, (A) Asprin can be used for making a cutting compound by crushing the pill and mixing in luke warm water,
(B) Milk can be added to plants root system via just watering it on the soil/compost, it adds nutrients to the plants system just like it will to human bone system,
(C) to controle weeds and keep the weeds down cover the grown with approx 4 inch deep (and keep it topped up to 4inch of compost, the worms and humus will drag the first topping down under soil level and this is a good thing as it feeds the soil etc but weeds like most plants need light /air/water/food to live, you've just taken away the light and weeds will not live without light, But tap rooted weeds must be dug out pre using this method "that works" ive used this method for many years and it cuts my weeding down to almost nothing.


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