Berries Gone Wild Zone 6b

May 11, 2019
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United States
Hi All,

I'm new to Colorado, new to high desert, and new to winter! And, I decided I'm going to try to keep plants alive for the first time in my life. The garden is built and being planted slowly, but my burning question for you all is what to do with my chain link fence. I have about 300 feet of perfect trellis space for growing and most of it in full sun. My thought is to plant some pretty indestructible (neglect-able) edible berry plants and let them just take over. Coming from Texas where wild blackberries do just that, I'm wondering what my options are out here (Western slope, south central, Montrose to be exact). I've good soil...i.e. not clay (no I haven't had it tested), but we are "high desert" averaging 11 inches of rain a year approximately. Things will stay green if watered, and irrigation water is plentiful; however, I'd really be gunning for berries that will thrive in drier climates and not need to suck water. Ideas? BTW: grapes are not an option for me due to the fact that they are poisonous to dogs.


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