Barbers and hair dressers are cutting away again and so am i

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Peace perfect peace

Hello green finger want to be's,
Well the weather here today has been odd, nice and warm but dull and the odd drop of rain, i was using the hose pipe at 6am giving the latest border plants a light spraying and the toms a good soaking because the weather forcast for here was to be hot and dry?????
And then after breakfast it was time to trim the Laural hedge and the Wisteria over the front of the house,
How do i know the wisteria needs a trim ??:smuggrin:

Because the Sky dish starts holding the tv picture when the wind blow's, (stupid place to have a dish anyway "but its there" As anyone who has Wisteria will tell you its amazing how fast they grow,
Im not finished trimming the hedges its an on going job and as i finish one part then the phontia robin will need a tidy up, and after that the Box hedging and about every 6 weeks i need a hair cut, So it's cut cut & cut,

Im not bad for 71yrs and ive still got a good head of hair, (not a case of Ive seen more hair on bacon than on your head :shame:)

But i must admit i get tired by the end of the day quicker than i once did,

"Playing on the CD is Fool if you think its over "Chris Rea" brilliant track,

Im reading Dr shewell coopers soil and what its all about,

He gives a lot of detail why & how to improve your growing area's, It's a really good "common sence read" on how to get the best from your soil etc,

As he say's if you think by just digging a hole and popping the plant in it, you've just bought is the way to do "Gardening" then your wrong"
Well its time for a shower (early finish tonight)
Have a nice evening to you all.

PS if you think you need green fingers to be good at gardening ???? And if your fingers are green :oops: Quick go and see your doctor "you've caught something !!!


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