Banana harvest!

Mar 10, 2017
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NW Florida
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United States
Don't get too excited, it's pretty tiny! But none the less, I have edible bananas! Now here's the interesting part; I was positive that this plant was supposed to bear full sized fruit. In fact a few of them overripend because i expected them to get larger. Thinking perhaps the Friday had done them in,I decided to check them out. The Friday left me with NO leaves after about January. The flower arrived in October.

To my surprise, these little guys produce a pink flesh banana that is surprisingly sweet and delicious!

I know I had mixed up the labels on some of my cultivars, but based on the height of the plant when flowering (5-6ft) I am going to say this is the California gold. This is probably all the fruit I will get this year. Hopefully I can get through next winter with little damage and get the next flower around May for a good harvest next year!



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