Are my banana peppers healthy?

Jul 8, 2022
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Hey guys new here and just have a couple questions about my banana peppers. I am growing 2 plants in a raised garden bed in Fox Farm soil. I live in Colorado and right now it is pretty warm (80-90s during the peak heat). I've been watering without fertilizer since I got them from the nursery and water every couple days. One of my plants is doing great but the other one has me worried. The healthier looking of the two is growing good sized peppers and the plant looks like it's handling the heat better. The other seems to be struggling a bit in the heat - the leaves are curling up a bit and have what looks like burn marks on them. But the major concern is that the peppers themselves look super deformed - small, shriveled and even growing mutations like two peppers out of one flower. Maybe I'm overreacting because none of my peppers seem to have a perfect shape to them and these ones could just be undeveloped but I just want to make sure that if it does have an issue like a disease that I irradicate it ASAP. I'll attach some photos and hopefully you can compare the two plants and tell me if the one plant seems deformed or sick to you guys. Thanks in advance!

There are close up pictures of the peppers themselves. Both separate plants. Obviously one plant is growing long healthy looking peppers and that's what I'm expecting out of the other.


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