American Holly Cutting

May 6, 2022
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Atlanta, GA
United States
Hey guys, its my first post here be gentle haha.
sorry if its in the wrong place.

I've only been keeping plants about 7 months and its been a learn as you go process. I'll put specifics of what I'm doing down at the bottom.

The reason I came here however is that I took several cuttings from an American holly outside my apartment in late november. I repotted them about a month ago and they still didnt have roots. Now at around month 5 they are still green and though they only have one leaf each theyre looking okay and one of them shot out 6 flowers. If theyre finally rooting thats great, but it seems really weird a cutting that hasnt grown or developed new leaves or shown any root growth in 4 months would be developing flowers and berries. I just want to understand why it's flowering and if I should be cutting them off or letting the plant live its best life. I put in a 5500k 80watt 4 headed led grow light over my plant area at About 8 inch distance about 5 days ago, but it was already growing the cluster on the windowsill before I introduced it.

If you made it this far, I'm currently growing 2 oak saplings from acorns, 3 english ivy plants, a store bought juniper and ficus, and a cutting from the ficus. I just started some azalea and maple cuttings and a freshly germinated avacado seed in addition to the 2 holly cuttings and 2 recent holly hedge cuttings. Some of the azaleas are budding, but all the maples look dead and all 4 hollies dont look dead at all but also havent grown at all. I took all the plants out of the windowsill and put them on one table under the grow light I mentioned above 5 days ago figuring they would need more sun then theyre getting. I'm currently bottom watering once a week on Fridays. And will be switching from pete based organic soil to vermiculite or something soon to eliminate any mold on the soil surface. Would be open to any advice you want to share, but I'm mostly here to figure out whats going on with the hollies.


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