Aloe Vera - weird inward curle

Aug 27, 2020
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Hello everyone, I am a new gardener from Greece! I owned several plants for some years now but it was the quarantine that allowed me to really explore this new world!!!

The reason I decided to post a question is because I am having problems with my aloe vera the last couple of days. This plant was doing extremely good and growing like crazy. It is placed in my patio and receives direct sun for two or three hours each day. Two weeks ago I had to be out of town for three days and placed all my plants out of direct sun for the duration of my absence (I mostly wanted to avoid rain- August in Greece can be very hot but also humid). Once I came back I noticed that one of the new leaves was very droopy unlike all others. I put the plant back to the sun and stabilised the leaf to the wall. Two days later the leaf hardened in the new position and my aloe was once again strong and thriving.

So!!! Yesterday morning before leaving for work I was admiring my plant and decided to rotate it. Nine hours later I came back to find that the same leaf that troubled me two weeks ago had completely curled.... inwards this time! I don't understand how this could happen in just a few hours. There has been no accident, the leaf is not broken just really weirdly curved.

Below you can see in the first picture my Aloe vera (the problematic leaf pointed in yellow) before the curling and in the next pictures, after the curling.

What could I be doing wrong with the plant? Is there any way to fix this?

I forgot to mention that there has been no overwatering issues. I only water the plant every 10 days or even more if the soil is not completely dry.

Thank you in advanced for your help!!


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