Aloe Vera Plant

Jun 5, 2016
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United States
Hello! I have an aloe plant that I have had for nearly a year now, it seems to have grown quite a bit but recently some of the leaves have started to crease around the edge of the pot. Today one of the leaves towards the top has also creased a bit. I have watered it about every 2 weeks, usually a little less than that. It is situated across from a south facing window. Also, it has been colder than usual here lately. Could anyone tell me what looks wrong with my plant and anything that I could do to fix it?

I don't know much, if anything, about aloe vera plants so any care tips would be much appreciated! I would like to repot it (it seems like the pot has gotten too small) but I'm not sure if I should wait until it's a little warmer.

Thank you for any input :)


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