Advice on grassing over flower beds

Jun 16, 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I'm looking to get rid of the flower beds I have in my garden and exend the lawn as close to the fences as possible but I'm unsure about a few things and would appreciate some advice from more knowledgable people..

1) Does it matter what type of grass seed I plant? I would like the new grass and existing grass to blend nicely and grow at the same rate.
2) How close to the fences should I plant the grass? I was thinking of laying two rows of standard paving bricks into the soil by the fences to make it easier when cutting the grass. (So grass would be 20cm away from fence).
3) I would also like to take the grass right up to the existing paving we have because I don't like the gravel and the cement holding the outer bricks has started breaking up. Could I butt some edging up against the paving and plant some grass seed up to it?

I've included some pictures below:

Gravel area and flower bed that I'd like to turn into lawn:

Another flower bed that I'd like to turn into lawn. You can just see the gravel and broken cement that I'd like to get rid of and grass right up to the paving:

Close up of the grass:

Thanks in advance,
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Mar 22, 2017
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United Kingdom
Hiya James. Yes the paving bricks in part 2 of your question....would be fine.
Grass being the same? I would go for a dwarf rye but also scratch it into parts of the lawn to blend it. To be honest I find most grass reseedings tend to blend in anyway these days.
Mine has been overseeded now and again.....??
How about the double row of bricks again to replace gravel etc.?:)

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