A very hot one today,

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Peace perfect peace

Greetings earth diggers,
Well today is a hot one and ive cut part of the main lawn (only because those long yellow cup weeds have invaded part of the lawn,

The local farmers are out in force (cutting the corn down) so its a bit dusty at times,
Im having a few hours off and then the celler needs a light and switch fitted (orders of she who must be obeyed)

Both the dogs are sleeping and the boss has gone to the local god's brigade jumble sale,

So i can have a bit of time to myself and a chance to continue reading a gardening book ref soils and the value of prep in both planning your borders and how not to weed.

Did you know worms can tunnel 3miles down into the earth?

Playing on the CD is Van MORRISON "Bright side of the road"

Question what did van morris do as a living pre his fame ?????

Well folks until this evening, be good and try and do something nice for some else?????????


Mar 23, 2019
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Gardening books can be a good reference. You may not always find the information on the computer.

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