A days weeding

May 10, 2019
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Greetings to all,
Well im pleased to say ive had a really good day in the garden and even with a bit of a cool breeze you could work away with just a "T" shirt and shorts on,
We do tend to forget it is only mid-may and the warmer weather isn't here yet,

But as my dear gran would tell me " if you look hard enough you'll alway's find a bit of good in any situation And so i got on with clearing one of the borders of weeds and the odd bramble,
I really dont mind the weeding and if as today i find im on the knealing pad removing some of the weeds that give such satisfaction as you lift it out and find its a huge one taking a lot of space "but comes out easy"
I found to small bush plants i'd planted towards the end of the summer last year and they'd got hidden by a few weeds,
It's amazing how many weeds you'll remove but after the first serious clearing done its a hoe job.

I noticed the Honey suckle has flowers and looks well (lovely smell on those summer evenings)

I did'nt finish until 8pm "but" it gave me time to think about life and when you read the New's for today and all the problems in the world !!!! It's nice to live the simple life and enjoy it.


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