98 Garlic Planted.

Apr 18, 2016
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United States
I planted 98 hard neck garlic Sept 16. 6 weeks before first frost works best for our TN location. I sprinkled 2" of mulch over them. Water every day there should be plants very soon. I think we are zone 7 our lowest winter temperature is usually 15°F. We are at latitude 34.3°. Here is a also photo of June harvest this year. Row spacing 4" and 4" between cloves. This is NOT a raised bed. Boards are a levee to hold in water plants need a lot of water in May, harvest is about first week of June. Our last frost is April 20. We usually have 95°F weather by first week of June. Last winter we had 12° several times in Feb. 4 years ago we had 2 weeks of 5° weather. I bought garlic at Walmart to plant several years ago, I replant my own garlic over and over year after year. I made a pot of chili Sunday with 20 garlic cloves & 1 quart of garden tomatoes.


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