4 June 2018 Replacing Weeder String

Dec 11, 2014
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4 June 2018 Replacing Weeder String
Posted on June 4, 2018 by Durgan
http://durgan.org/2018/June 2018/4 June 2018 Replacing Weeder String/HTML/4 June 2018 Replacing Weeder String

Many people have weed wacker and string replacement is a routine procedure. The video demonstrations on the internet verge on being useless I have taken still pictures in an attempt to enlighten on the procedure.
1. Remove the cap probably using a small straight screwdriver, since the push tabs can be stiff.
2.Study the inner reel.It is necessary to wind the sting carefully into both groves.A top and bottom.
3.String lengths can be from 8 feet to 16 feet. I use 8 feet. The diameter can vary I use 0.095 inches.
4.Find the hole in the reel to push the string. Push through and make the string even lengths. The ends will come out the top and bottom groves.
5.Wind the bottom grove first in a clockwise direction. Secure the end in one side slot, it simply pushes in. This take a sight bit of effort.
6.The top slot is easy to wind clockwise since there are no obstructions. Place the end in an opposite side slot.
Replace the cover.
It does take some concentration and effort.


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