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I Bought & saved an old Caravan in 2001 On a site that is for me a wildlife haven not your normal regimented caravan site to wake up to. The birdsong all around is really special & plenty of Green space. The Garden back then Composed of Grass & Trees . But with Me being a Vary Keen Gardener, it did not take me long to get started on it. The Larger than normal Garden & vintage Van has been Great little projects I have had fun Tweaking, Working and inventing & reinventing, Tuning lol I can't put it in to words.

The caravan is a late 60s-early 70s Pembalton Built in England. It is off grid with No Electricity plumbed in, As I lost that little Cable to a Big house near by some years ago, So having lost it, I fancied being a bit of a Eco hippy Guy, so to speak! So my Power comes from Some second hand solar panel's on the roof & a small windmill. It is also filled with gas lights which is a good thing to have in winter as solar does not work so well in England at that time of year & my 20pound off a boat, second hand windmill in the trees is Never going to do Great things :). when I don't get the sun I need for powering up the Electric all night. I ripped out the gas Fire in favor of an old wood & solid fuel burner for heat. I salvaged that from an even older van that was in the middle of being scraped & crushed.

Ok On to the Garden ......Almost all the Prop's/ Pots/Planters/ Extra are things I have Acquired from tips, Skips & Rubbish dumps Planters range from.... Butler sinks, Bidet planer, Beer Barrel, Old Vintage Bespoke wheel, Bicycle, And so on.

Compost & mulch that all the plants grow in is made from all the my own home made compost, & almost all my plants are from cuttings, divided & Split Offering , that I have been given from other people, friends, Jobs & so on ....Perk of the job often is that I get paid to remove plants that then find there way to my little garden Sanctuary & all the garden wast I take off other jobs go's on my large compost heap and rots to make compost.

I do spend some money on the Garden & the biggest most years is normally my Rickety old balcony planters that I fill with summer flowers. After going round my day job doing everyone else's Gardens I just don't often get time for Starting Bedding off from seed. I am just to busy then so I Cheat and buy them rather than grow from seed as I just don't have the time or greenhouse to get them started.

Enjoy the pictures & I'll post some more from time to time as one does on here lol.

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