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A little (relevant) personal history first.
My wife's declining health meant that, 10 years ago, I had to give up employment, and I was looking for a hobby to keep me active.
I'd enjoyed cooking, and had kept a herb garden, but was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of produce available, and unhappy about the high chemical, unnatural production methods.
We decided that I could use the front garden as a veg plot.
When my wife's kidneys eventually did give up, she started renal dialysis at home in 2011.
This lead to other conditions stabilising, and I was able to join the waiting list for a council allotment garden.
One became available for me in Jan 2014 and I jumped at the opportunity, even though it was a right mess.
I enjoyed growing more of our own food immensely, but felt I had to dedicate the whole plot to staples, as they were the means to most effectively lowering our intake of agrochemicals, but I love to play and experiment, so I asked, if it became available when the waiting list was served, for a little more ground.
The plot next to mine became available in January this year, and was in such a state that no-one else would have it, so it was offered to me!
A fellow allotmenteer mentioned, on the day after I'd got the allotment, that he'd wished he'd got a bit more ground, as he has a big family to feed.
Since it had been the case that I'd only really been looking for a bit of ground for my amusement, and since he is a friendly, personable chap, I decided that I could be more than content with half the extra plot, and offered to share it with him. An offer which was eagerly accepted.

So I have a plot and a half, and, if it's not too boring, I'd like to share with you my experiences what I'm trying to grow, my successes and failures, in words and pictures.

So, if you're at all interested, check back occasionally, as I hope, when I'm not too busy, to update regularly in the discussion section.
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