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    Please name this plant

    Looks like Dianthus.
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    Help! What are all these houseplants?

    Quick answer for: 1) Desert Rose 3) Jade 6) Umbrella plant 8) looks like an Amaryllis 12) Arrowhead plant
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    Please help identify this plant and help me rescue it

    Japanese Boxwood May be to much water
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    Camellias blooming

    A hybrid I took pictures of a few years ago. Can’t remember the name. They had really nice ones at the nursery that year.
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    Camellias blooming

    Would love to own them all. So many types, over several different blooming times.
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    POTM December 2020 Winner

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    Camellias blooming

    I would wait to prune unless you get a undesirable branch. It will thin out in the spring and start growing stronger in the summer.
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    Camellias blooming

    This is what they look like just before the stamen start to open in the center.
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    Camellias blooming

    Our are bloom out now as well. Not sure the exact name of these.
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    Plants for Hummingbirds

    That’s an outstanding photo!
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    Plants for Hummingbirds

    I live in north Louisiana. They leave us and head south. They come back around as early as March. We still get cold spells but that’s when we put the feeders back out.