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    New Gardner in Houston

    Hi there, Jennifer! Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum :) I'm sure you will get the help and inspiration you need on here :) If you got any questions, please don't hesitate to ask; we are here to help.
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    Hello everyone

    Hi there! Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum :) No worries, we have gardeners with different levels of knowledge here, so if you need any help we will do our best to help you out.
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    Hi there new to site

    Hi there! Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum :) That sounds like an interesting job, are you here in search of more inspiration and info? If so, don't worry, you will find it here :)
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    Do you visit your garden everyday?

    I don't have a garden per se right now, but soon I might ;) I don't see myself going there daily once start working, but I will definitely be there every weekend evening ;) Gardening is so relaxing, but it's also very time consuming, you need some extra time and no rushes to truly enjoy it.
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    New to Gardening and loving the science

    Hi Matthew! That's a very interesting story, thanks for sharing it with us :) I just wanted to take the time to welcome you to our forum, I hope you enjoy your stay and find it useful. Welcome to the forum!
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    Greetings from sunny New Mexico

    Hi there and welcome to the forum, glad you joined us. I honestly hope you will enjoy your stay here, please let us know if you need anything, we are here to help and learn.
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    Greetings from St. Charles, MO

    Hi Greg! Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum :) No worries, we are all here to help each other and learn more about gardening :) So don't hesitate to make questions, we will do our best to answer and solve your doubts.
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Cool username :) Welcome to the forum, and nice to meet you :) I'm also a female gardener, who is moving to a place where growing things is not that easy either :( I wanted to grow a lemon tree, but you just can't do that in the north of the Netherlands :( Anyways, I hope you enjoy your...
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    New To Gardening

    Hi Antonio, nice to meet you and welcome to the forum :) Glad to have you on board, if you have any doubts, feel free to ask :) We are here to help, some of our members are very knowledgeable :)
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    Complete noob here...

    Welcome to the forum :) It looks like you have a really nice project in your hands :) Glad you decided to join us, because if you really need help, you will be able to find it on here :) Al you have to do is ask.
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    Hi Elle! Welcome to the forum! It's always nice to see a new face on here, if you are looking for info or just inspiration, then you have come to the right place :) We are a really open and friendly community, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate let us know.
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    Cooking or fun?

    Some herbs like mint can be used to cook and also as a natural remedy, my dad always used mint when his stomach was upset. He just threw it in boiling water and drank it during the day. It's amazing, but most cooking herbs can be used in natural remedies as well or even to make homemade oils...
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    How many herb plants do you have?

    Not many, right now only mint, but in my house in the Netherlands we have some in the garden. I don't trust those to use them in the garden, because they are so close to the fence and the neighbors have children. I will grow my own herb container garden indoors :)
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    Our Beginner's Garden!!!

    Welcome to the forum, Hayley. i might check it out, thanks for sharing :) I hope you offer tips as well :) I'm also starting a garden soon, in a totally different country. We will see how it goes!
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    Lychee Season

    That is amazing! I'd definitely grow one of these trees if we lived in the right place, sadly we don't :( What does lychee taste like? I think I've seen this being sold in a couple places, but it was very expensive :(