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    Really need a thread for recipes/cooking.

    I grow 3 types of bell peppers. The normal easy to grow green ones, the harder takes a long time for them to get ripe red ones, and the purple ones that for me don't seem to get as big but I really like the flavor. Stuffed Peppers 8 Servings 4 medium to large green or red bell peppers 1 1/2...
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    High Branches Prunner Recommendation

    I used a fiskers chain drive 16' model for years. Replace ment saws can be bought for $9.00 for it. But if you are carefull you can sharpen them your self other wise. But after many years I decided to buy a 40V battery powered one from Lowe's. of course it is as long so may have to use a...
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    All male.

    Well all those vines have since dissappered from my raised beds. Yes makes sence thr males would be first followed by the femals bloom in a week or so. but when there are no females in a month why waste the space. Al
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    Cooling off

    I hate ther hot summer weather, Ya I know hate is a strong word but that is just how I feel these days. I look back on my life and wonder what was so different in my child hood when we worked putting up the hay for thre cattle to feed on in the winter. I do remember back in those days we would...
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    Recipe share thread.

    For some reason a gardening forum that contains a veggie section doesn't have a recipe section? So a very disapointing butternut and dumpling squash crop had me ready to rip all the seed started plants out. Then planting a cover crop for next year. Complaining to a friend about all the male...
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    What to do on a rainy stay at home day.

    Thought I would share some things from a rainy day search sent to me. Al
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    All male.

    Found a use for all the male blooms. Make a soup with them, a bit of sweet corn cooked and placed in a blender to make a smooth soup. you can add a few more blooms and a little more corn after it is blended to give it a little bit of body. Can also chop the blooms up and add to blended eggs and...
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    All male.

    Not going to wait much longer they have been blooming for over a month now and ya can't get fruit from a male bloom. Al
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    All male.

    I would not replant squash this year. just do some winter rye to turn under come spring. Al
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    All male.

    Planted about 10 butternut squash seeds. All germanated and have been growing well. Problem is all , each and every bloom is a male. Appears I will not get any squash from those plants. Debateing just pulling them and be done with them. I just need to under stand why? Al
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    Monark butterflys.

    Have only found a couple catipillers so far this summer. Just not seeing all that many Monarks around. I this year have a huge crop of thre regular Michigan Milk weed and also nearly half the creek banks are lined with the swamp milk weed. if all the blooms pan out with pods I would be...
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    Garden gloves recommendation

    I like the Well Lemont brand of canvas/leather gloves. I try them on at the store to make sure the large is really large enought for my hands. I stay away from the china made ones they come apart at the seams for me. Al
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    Your day apart from gardening

    Went back to put a pair of fence pliers, extra clips away. I see this standing in the fence line that remains to be done. Yes a blurry mess but you can make out a couple of the 6 chicks also. They were not all that far from us either. Al
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    Your day apart from gardening

    Here are todays pictures. Al