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    Black Beans - 1st and last time I grow them.

    And now you know first hand why so many people moved away from hands-on agriculture. What’s worse is it demands dirt cheap labor in order to be economically functional.
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    Squirels and what to do about them?

    I’ve dealt with digger squirrels for about 5 years now. I’ve found no way to stop them other than lowering the population or feeding them and even that’s not guaranteed to work. I’ve caught them in traps at all hours of the day and night.
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    ideas on mixing soil for raised beds?

    If you’re looking to cut costs but get bang for your buck use some manure. I put 2-3 wheelbarrows in all my 8x4 beds every year and they love it. It’s like $2 a bag on sale in stores or buy a truckload for $10 from somebody off Craigslist.
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    Poison ivy, a curse on humanity!

    You went off the deep end attacking my source and “believe systems” when I explained how poison oak has a purpose in nature. I posted more sources and you pretend you don’t care. That’s not how normal people communicate ideas or behave. That’s juvenile. I’m not calling you names, I’m literally...
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    Poison ivy, a curse on humanity!

    Sure I do. You have absolutely no idea how to carry on an online conversation or debate and your English is broken. You attacked my source so when I post more then you decide you don’t like the game anymore. That’s immature and childish behavior better suited to political forums.
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    Poison ivy, a curse on humanity!

    So you take the time to destroy my 15 second Google search results and when I follow it up with 3 more reputable sources you imply you were trolling. Hilarious indeed!
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    Poison ivy, a curse on humanity!

    My believe system? Are we now implying that observing nature is a religious process? Poison oak/ivy play an important role in their ecosystems, even if humans think they know better. Do I have a problem with people getting rid of it in their yard? Of course not. But that doesn’t mean those...
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    Poison ivy, a curse on humanity!

    Every wild plant/insect/animal is a part of an ecosystem. The perspective that it’s “worthless” because it can give you a rash is to infer things like “sharks are bad because they can bite me and they should be exterminated,” without much thought into what impact it would have on the ecosystem.
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    I posted a picture of it. Reservoirs don’t math out right to soil when comparing similar fertilizers. It may be cheaper/more efficient but almost all of my experience is outdoor so I’m just guessing.
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    Notice that a lot of that stuff is built for marijuana. You normally won’t care enough about your plant to give it full cycle nutrition to make it worth your $$$ but if you do it can be insane. I add dry natural amendments to soil, my compost, plants as a side dressing, and also foliar spray...
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    Bees get hooked on Nicotinoids

    It’s so bad that fish in the greater lakes are bursting with SSRI’s in their brains from the water, antibiotics and pesticides are in all of our food, and plastic/petroleum chemicals like phalates are in the air we breath. They found plastic in the Mariana Trench and on uninhabited islands...
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    Poison ivy, a curse on humanity! It’s critical for natural ecosystems. Animals eat it and use it for shelter. It’s also a clearly symbiotic relationship with other plant species like oak trees, bringing in differing mycorrhizae and insects. It deters humans from...
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    Trying to figure out the life cycle of vegetables

    Intense heat, wildfire smoke, and climate change are all impacting crop life cycles in major ways now. My garden started acting like it was fall by mid August this year so I said F it and planted my fall/winter garden. Gardeners need to adapt to more unpredictable weather systems now.
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    Poison ivy, a curse on humanity!

    Poison oak is an important part of an ecological system. It can survive anything and it’s prolific. It’s used for restoration of natural woodlands below 4000 feet as it’s invincible and symbiotic. On our property its preferred areas to grow are with Oregon grapes and white oak trees. I have seen...
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    October Glory Maple

    Supposed to be water soluable silica but I’d say it’s like 50% tops. I side dress plants that need it when I feed them and it waters right in. I may try a foliar at some point but idk. I know I add it in other forms too.