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    What happened to my foxglove?

    The same happened to my foxgloves a few years ago. I assumed it was the spectacular heat; they got plenty of water. Almost no one grows them here, so I assumed they're just not suited to my climate. It sounds like your problem was water. A new plant in a container can definitely die in a day...
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    Suggestions for long blooming purples by the mailbox

    Duranta blooming period is long. Taller than salvia, slower growing.
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    What kind of bug is this?

    Looks like a horse fly to me.
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    What's looking good in June 2016

    My Chaste tree!
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    What's looking good in June 2016

    Lemon Slice Calibrachoa
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    What annuals do you grow?

    marigolds, zinna, forget-me-nots, alyssum, daisies, foxglove (it's an annual here), dianthus, petunias, million bells.
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    Colorful long blooming perennial flowerbed full sun

    you did not mention what zone you are in ... full sun isn't enough, some plants might be full sun in Iowa but in Florida they will wither and die from the heat. All of these are low maintenance and hardy in my experience. The easiest and best performers I've grown, all can take zone 9 heat ...
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    Rose Of Sharon. help please

    Definitely aphids, they certainly attack Rose of Sharon (aka Althea, a type of hibiscus). They go for the flower buds, mostly but also the tender new growth. Best is to spray insecticidal soap on them or spray them off with a hose; you have to keep at it every morning. One year they destroyed...