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    Ensuring GF is a friendly place to be a member

    I've loved this site since 2016, and can't imagine leaving. The whole world right now is on edge and getting less friendly, but I hope our love of growing things will get us through!
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    When to feed asparagus?

    I do mine in the Spring, before they wake up, and again in the fall ,after frost and before snow. They seem to love it !
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    I Have No Idea

    Our Admins on here are WONDERFUL !!
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    There's nothing like fresh beets cooked in their own greens! LOVE it. We also slice beets onto hamburgers and top with sour cream....YUM!
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    I planted some broccoli, and all I got was this lousy leaf :(

    It at least needs a much bigger pot. That leaf thing needs to grow many more leaf things, then it will form a flower head, which is your broccoli. It is a cool weather crop, so it might bolt in this weather.
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    why do my plants keep being in bad condition?

    What we see as enough light and what a plant sees are not the same. A plant that does not need direct sun still needs fairly bright light. Putting them in front of a window that does not get direct sunlight falling through should help. Inside a room is not bright enough for them to flourish...
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    why do my plants keep being in bad condition?

    Cactus and Sansevieria do not need a lot of water. Water sparingly when dry,soaking the roots, but no standing water. All your plants look like they need fertilizer and more light.
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    Peas dying a sad death any help welcome

    It just might be the weather. If it has been too hot, your peas will not like it. They prefer cooler weather.
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    Seed Companies in the USA

    I use Baker Creek, SeedsNow, and SeedsnSuch. All are very good!
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    Starting Seeds

    All of those do better when directly seeded into the garden. I found that even if you have to wait a couple of weeks, the direct seeded plants catch up to the starts before maturity.
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    The 2021 Sunflower Growing Competition!

    I'd love to try again!
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    OMG It's snowing on my garden

    If you did not get extremely low temps, everything will probably be OK.
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    Catastrophe !!!!

    Last week I started tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants from seed. Everything germinated and started growing just fine, then this morning I turned on their lights and found nothing but bare stems.. the leaves were gone! What on earth could have caused this???
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    Your opinion, please

    Hughes Net in our area has pretty good download speeds, but you cannot upload at this time.