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    Your Pets

    Haha that is the best family portrait. I wish my family looked as good when we took pictures!!! Beautiful animals!
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    What's looking good in August 2017

    It is very inviting. Lovely job!!
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    Alp it was either that or just a lot of swearing! Hehe
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    Your Pets

    Are they brothers?
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    Our gardening diaries - from latest toys, flowers to wildlife .. Please upload pics

    Thank you Logan. Get some rest, it sounds like you had a busy morning.
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    Let's talk about the gudfunnit weather this morning shall we..... Roof has been fixed twice. Still leaking. How do I know you might ask.. Funny story. So this morning I get up, I've been planning a surprise party for my girlfriend. Cooked all night last night so I got up to empty the...
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    Your Pets

    Oh my goodness they are adorable @Logan
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    Happy Birthday Marlingardener :)

    Happy Birthday!
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    What did you do in your garden today?

    Yeah yesterday was a bit rough. Lol I was going to say tomorrow will be better but I have both a doctor AND a dentist appointment tomorrow. I can't win this one. :cry::sick::oops::eek::confused::poop::poop::poop::poop: We will shoot for a great Thursday. Hehe
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    Hostas w/ Elephant Ears?

    I would wait. It's been such a wonky summer that I'd hate to have an early winter and kill all your plants off. I don't know if you have been getting as much rain and cruddy weather as we have been getting. I don't have the elephant ears so I don't know how out of control they will get, I have...
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    What did you do in your garden today?

    I had this whole "woe is me" Monday rant last Monday because I swallowed a bug and had to go shopping. I was rewarded for my whining by having to have, both an AC guy AND a roofing guy at my house yesterday. Sooo really all I've done is sit and drink a really tremendously large glass of wine in...
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    Astilbe questions

    Yeah I was thinking for my sunroom or planted under a tree in the back near the pond.
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    My houseplants.

    This is wonderful Larisa!!! I want flowers and blooms year round so this is so incredibly helpful! Thank you for taking the time to share all of this.