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    Hello, new member

    Welcome to the forum
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    Breaking News!

    Deadpool had to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Good riddance to taking it off.
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    Hi I am new here

    Welcome to the forum
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    Hi, Broken rake here!

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    Hello from a 1st time Gardener in Pennsylvania

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Will Dwarf Alberta Spruce grow new branches?

    I think those trees are already dead. Most evergreens can maintain the green color for months after they die. The amount of brown material is what leads me to believe that they are dead. I would leave them until next spring to see if there is any new growth but I seriously doubt you will find any.
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    What is best time to collect and plant pine seeds?

    Scots (Scotch) Pine is Pinus sylvestri. Depending on your climate, you can plant the seeds in the fall and leave them outside to stratify or put the seeds in your refrigerator over the winter. I have had equal success with both methods in zone 7b.
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    August 2021 Photo of the Month - Summer

    Summer in the woods of North Carolina.
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    My Silktree, albizia julibrissin, loved the wet spring we had and is just starting to grace us with beautiful flowers.
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    Moving Orchids outside. What to be careful of? What not to do?

    I keep ours outdoors after any chance of frost is passed. I have them in hanging baskets and keep them where they receive no direct sunlight. One thing to watch out for is squirrels. They can destroy an orchid fast. I give them lots of water and fertilizer during the summer to promote new...
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    Wild Honeysuckle is very invasive in zone 7 but it sure makes the woods smell good. This is beside my garage.
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    Very difficult problem to solve!

    A question- has the box ever filled with water since you have lived there? If not, you may have enough cracking and joint leaks that standing water may not even be a problem.
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    Mystery Tree!

    I will make my guess - Large Gallberry. Ilex coriacea.
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    May 2021 Photo of the Month - New Growth

    One of my Privets showing off.