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    Would you eat these potatoes ?

    They look phenomenal, I do have to say. And I'm open to try anything once, if it doesn't kill me. More, if it tastes better.
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    Last movie you watched

    Hmm. I just finished John Wick with Keanu Reeves. He was a bonafide badass for no reason whatsoever. It was enjoyable. I'm downloading some more *shhh* and going to watch 300 Rise of an Empire with a friend since he never saw it. I like the female antagonist. Hot. New JURASSIC! Oh my! Gotta...
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    Hello from a couple garden lover in Oklahoma :)

    Welcome to the forums, and hope to see you around posting more and having fun! Here's a couple humorous garden photos to get ya' started: Hehe
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    Traveling vegetables, the pot garden.

    I just think this is an awesome idea, traveling gardens. Bringing fresh produce and floral qualities to many other areas has a nice ring to, I think. Sorry to hear about the cancer patient, and your personal problems. But however,
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    Do you like your home area? Explain!

    haha, nice to see a fellow admirer of the localities. I like it for planting many different things but a lot of humidity around here kills off tender plants so I often times have to replant indoors to save some poor greenery.
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    Anyone Else Out There Freezing Their Behinds Off?

    It was so cold we had a water pipe burst and flood the underneath of our apartment complex. Luckily we're on the top so the bottom people suffered (lol, I'm mean for thinkin' that ...heh) Too. Cold. I think I saw a frozen man.
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    Anyone Else Out There Freezing Their Behinds Off?

    Okay, Chuck, there is where I officially want to say door is this way: But seriously, I'm jealous.
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    Anyone Else Out There Freezing Their Behinds Off?

    I concur. These negatives are ridiculous. It's so cold even the snowmen say "SCREW IT" and walk off.. for warmer pastures: I'm on my way toooooo: But yeah, it's cold. Too cold. I wish Spring would get here =/ Edit: HE Made it!
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    Traveling vegetables, the pot garden.

    I really am starting to like the concept of hanging and vertical gardens more each day. Not only for space around where I live, but they actually look really cool and it looks easy to prune them if they're just popping out from the wall or dangling in front of you instead of constantly being...
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    Do you like your home area? Explain!

    Everyone's pictures are very nice, but I've always had a soft spot for waterfalls! There's a couple around here, and then Niagara Falls isn't too far away. I also have a similar view to that rock with the water on it here. I'm sure Pridekidd knows what I'm talking about - we both live in the...
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    Hello from NYC

    Welcome aboard, hope to see you around. Here's some humor to welcome you in: Haha, Walking Dead. Too good.
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    "The Big Waste" - Wasting Food in America

    Not just America, but a lot of countries misuse a lot of compost produce and "slightly" blemished goods in stores for fears of health concerns and hazards. People are on a health kick now because we CAN be. We're no longer relegated to just eating what we can find and starving at the hands of...
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    Spring or summer plans

    Staying around playing botanist/gardener wannabe and hoping my plants don't die and I reap a healthy harvest. Other than that I've been a very reclusive entity for awhile now, so nothing extreme. Some movies, games. Some fun friendly parties. Grilling outside.
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    Do you like your home area? Explain!

    What I mean is no matter where you live everyone has a liking to the area they garden in or call home. Or they wouldn't be doing it, right? Regardless of the challenging desert conditions, low water, bad irrigation to the over-abundance of everything including forests and tropical forests...
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    Smell of spring, your favourite?

    This, along with the smell of the air and listening to the birds and wildlife, as I live in a heavily wooded region. Soil is a good smell almost all of us don't mind or we wouldn't do it.