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    Boston fern advice

    Hi! I’d like some advice about how to grow a Boston fern in a correct way please. Firstly as you may see in the photos, some parts looks a bit sad on the edge of the plant. Is that normal? I know that plant needs a lot of humidity, my room has 60% humidity right now (London), I think that’s...
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    Asparagus fern advice please

    Thank you for that kind answer. I will follow those advices! I’m a total newbie with plants :)
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    Asparagus fern advice please

    Hi! I have my asparagus fern for 7 days now and a branch looks a bit droopy. When I bought it, it was a bit more straight. Is that a matter of adaptation? And a new branch seems to be fading. Is there anything I can do to help the plant please ? I love it and I really want to take care of it...