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    Need Tool Recommendations

    Any time I get the opportunity to purchase old tools of good quality I do as you, grab it before another individual does because those opportunities aren't often.
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    Yo From Cement City (Big Apple)

    As soon as I determine where about a half dozen tomato plants will be planted in 2022 that compost will be buried in a hole for each to finish the composting process. By around October there will be enough more of the rough compost accumulated in the wire cage to do the same for a half dozen...
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    Yo From Cement City (Big Apple)

    Compost in a wire cage.
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    I sure can use a power sprayer

    If I were wearing your moccasins I'd be looking at a 120 V-AC sprayer and power it with a small generator that will provide power for several electric tools anywhere on the property. The reason is, I've about had it with foreign gasoline powered equipment and with this plan only 1 gas engine is...
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    Pump Sprayer

    If you are inclined to purchase inexpensive sprayers as I am this may benefit your sprayer as it did mine. The hose provided is prone to kink ( - close to the tank connection - ) and prevent flow but a length of 1/4" 6mm clear plastic hose or tubing from ACE Hardware or your other favorite...
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    A Tuff Native Perenial

    Poor little babies of today. I see it as rather pathetic in terms of general education in life. Maybe they won't be in danger using their iPOD while staying in the house.
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    A Tuff Native Perenial

    Yucca in full bloom. Edit: I have no control what the site's system does with pictures I post like cutting off about 75% of the vegetative growth. Sorry
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    Tomato leaves yellowing on lower and middle plant

    Is there any indication of roots protruding at the drainage holes as if they are beginning to be root bound? It also may be time to check for Spider Mites.
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    Mild Spring

    The plains states have struggled with cooler vegetable gardening °F like southern KS lo's have been in the 40's with Hi's in the upper 50's. When ya can't exit the sod house because of drifted snow blocking the door way ya had a snow storm on April 15.:(
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    A soil sample from the area in question and samples of the surrounding area may prove to be interesting.
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    Sevin Dust

    I would welcome a link to or a suggestion of any of those products.
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    Sevin Dust

    Do you use sevin dust as a vegetable gardening insect repellent?
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    8 foot tomato indoor hydroponic

    How's the tomato flavor of hydroponic tomatoes?
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    Common plant issue - read before posting

    Once I get a read on the moisture % by weight, whether it be sandy, clay or the perfect soil, then I can pretty much use my finger or clasp a sample in my hand to get close enough and I have enough variety of weight scales around SandburRanch I can choose which scale I want depending on sample...