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    monstera leaves have brown spots with yellow halo!

    My suggestion is to repot it. Mine did this and when I pulled out the monstera from the nursery pot it was completely root bound with barely any soil. I have had to repot the monstera about 3x since I bought it a year and half ago. It keeps growing like crazy. Improper watering will do this...
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    Anyone want to share recipes?

    I just slice the zucchini and layer it. I also subbed cottage cheese for ricotta, it gave it a sweeter taste. I have also tried zucchini ravioli, it didn't work well some opened up. Zucchini noodles are still a favorite of mine. Its great using zucchini for low carb recipes! I also like...
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    Rocks instead of mulch

    Thanks! My goal is to not replace of course any! Lol. My plan was to add the rocks next year, and I know weeds still pop through but not as much. I added a thick layer of mulch down but wondering where it all went lol. So you think if I mix lava rock with mulch on the roses it will be ok...
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    Perfect climber? Zone 5

    Climbing knock out roses!! They don't require alot of care and they dead head themselves. But you can dead head so it produces new flowers faster. But they do need water. Clematis is great! I envy those that have them and have lots of flowers. I cant get mine to give me much flowering...
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    Anyone want to share recipes?

    Zucchini lasagna! Use whatever lasagna recipe you like, and sub out the pasta for zucchini. Im still a fan of garden fresh tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and a balsamic reduction.
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    Rocks instead of mulch

    Hi everyone! Im in zone 5. I am at the point where I am getting spent on weeding lol. Most of the mulch has blown away or decomposed. Or the other areas that I didn't mulch this year. I have a fairly large area of everything that requires alot of mulch. I was thinking to use rocks in some...
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    Rose of Sharon pillar

    Mine is not doing well either. I dug it up today, moved it a foot and a half away from its spot. Added top soil from the garden nursery all around the root ball and on top. Mine was attacked by bugs. Check under the leaves, the critters like to hide there. I was trying to zoom in on your...
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    Roses of Sharon not growing

    Now I am worried. She is not doing well at all. Aphids and Japanese Beatles attacked. Like many other flowers in my garden. I went with my gut feeling and decided to dig her out and the roots are week, half broke off. Didn't look rotted, just week. I moved her right up to the grass line...
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    Protecting knock out roses

    Mike Allen i like alot of what you say. Almost like we spoil our plants/flowers lol. In the natural world they endure alot. I have fun with my garden and house plants. It can get pretty cold here with January and February reaching freezing points. It can get extreme with windchills making...
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    Protecting knock out roses

    Hi everyone! I planted 15 knock out roses along my fence line this year as part of my yard renovation. The idea was to have a hedge like look. I have been getting different advice from everyone as far as winter protection goes. From dont do anything they are hardy, trim back to 6 inches...
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    Spider Mites

    Spider mites are terrible. You may have to cut leaves off that have browned from it so the plant can put its energy back to healing. Neem oil is good for spider mites. So are insecticides for house plant bugs, which I have found better if the infestation is bad.
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    Repot monstera?

    That is a very healthy looking monstera! It is so beautiful. You bought a good one:) Repot it. I see Arial roots in the soil and maybe some regular roots. Looks like yours is in a six pot? 8-10 inch pot will be fine. 8 inch may be good for now until Spring as its growing will be slower...
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    Hydrangea Help

    I don't mess around anymore and just cut off the leaves. It may not look the best but it will be happy. I had to cut off about 60% of my hydrangea leaves off and the dried out bloom. I had dark spots on the leaves and mold. The plant is happy and producing new leaves! Now I see my other...
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    Lantana with possible Sooty Mold

    Neem oil works great! If you have mealy bugs, use systematic granules as well from bonide. First time I dealt with mealy bugs, I freaked out! Only because I bought this plant I was looking for a long time. I used neem oil and the mealy bugs were still there,, but not as much,, so I added...
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    Yellow Begonias

    Yes, cut back the leggy ones and it should be fine.