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    Do you live in the tropics?

    Hallo there! I live in the tropics and its the onset of the rainy season. I have a small piece of land which I intend to utilise to a maximum. I have the option of short term, long term and medium term crops. What would you advise me to plant if you live in similar conditions? Honestly, I am...
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    How do you deal with spider mites?

    If your garden is not large, you can use isopropyl alcohol also known as rubbing alcohol which can be used on the underside of the plants. You can also target the underside of the leaves with thin strong sprays with a water hose. There are good miticides in the market like pyrethrum which can...
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    Why would anyone cut off a sapling's branches?

    This is not an uncommon occurrence. There is a pathway I have seen near a rural town which is frequented by people travelling to neighbouring villages. The owner had planted eucalyptus saplings. He had to put warning signs as some people seemed to have a fetish for getting into other people's...
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    Looking to Start Some Seeds: Suggestions?

    Have you tried coriander? It takes only a month to grow and start harvesting the leaves if you grow it from seed. You can dry the leaves in the sun and process into powder for future use. If you leave the plant for 3 weeks, you can harvest seeds which are more aromatic than the leaves and have a...
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    Advice on promoting more side-shoots?

    To promote lateral growth at the expense of vertical growth, you should try to limit apical dominance which is responsible for the latter. This can be easily achieved by pinching off the buds at the extremities of the main stem and the side branches. Even with this, periodic pruning is necessary...
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    What farming strategy do you use?

    A good number of gardeners rely on rainfed agriculture. Some of the crops bring losses due to erratic rainfall patterns necessitating the growth of short season crops which might also fall victim to heavy rains. The best strategy is to grow crops for the short, medium and long term.
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    Newspaper, Compost?

    Newspapers are made from trees meaning that in the end, they are biodegradable. Due to the cellulosic component in them, this can take a long time but can be drastically reduced by using urea and other nitrogen containing fertilizers to make fortified compost which degrades faster meditated...
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    How do I propagate?

    You can't go wrong with layering which is a good method of propagating difficult to root plants. You simply strip a section of a branch of a tree and then tie around with a string enclosing manure mixed with soil at the base of the ringed area. Roots will be formed after some time due to the...
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    Store bought Onions vs Home Grown

    Here in the tropics, we grow red bulb onions like Jambar F1 which do not spoil easily and can be stored in a net which confers an airy atmosphere. I tend to have an aversion for store bought varieties due to the fact that most are genetically engineered hybrids designed for short growth spans...
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    Site to collect fruits and vegetables

    This is quite a noble idea that should promote interaction among gardeners and promote knowledge as some fruits can grow in foreign lands where nobody has thought of growing them. I am wondering whether the initiative has tentacles in any part of Africa.
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    Anyone into bonsai?

    I was introduced into the art of bonsai through a manual that I bumped into in a library and was fascinated by the designs but have never ventured into the art. I guess the plants so sculptured should fetch a premium. I think bonsai is not too involving and would not be bad for a beginner. Which...
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    Chilli Plants

    I attempted growing some chilli plants some years ago at was not successful with them mainly due to lack of patience since I had grown them from seeds as opposed to seedlings which take less time to mature. If I decide to venture into this area, I would grow bird's eye chilli which is extremely...
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    How can u tell if u are feeding your plant to much water or less?

    It depends on the kind of plant in question. If its a succulent, you are probably not overwatering the plant. If its adapted for drier conditions, you are probably overwatering it. Plants with shallow roots need copious amounts of water. It also depends on the type of soil in question.
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    Browning of Orange Tree Leaves

    There used to a lemon tree in my grandmother's garden which used to yield juicy fruits. With time, it started yellowing and was finally cut. I suppose it has to do with mites. The effect does not have much to do with their activity but everything to do with viruses transmitted in the process...
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    Using quarry chips

    I come from an area where quarrying is one of the economic activities. I have observed that plants grown in derelict or abandoned quarries thrive as a result of the degradation of quarry chips. Rocks are made up of minerals . I suppose that their dust can complement farmyard manure which would...