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    What are these?

    Looking to grow some of these as indoor plants, anyone know what species they are?
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    Got her from an aunt who got her from some other relative. Apparently it's leaves can be used to make tea. Anyone know what it is?
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    Can this be saved?

    Hey guys, been growing a Dieffenbachia for a couple of months. A few days ago I headed to the nursery and bought fertilizer for it to aid its growth. Upon putting a decent amount of fertilizer, the next day the plant started falling apart. I split the three stems and placed them in the pot...
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    Anyone know what plant this is?

    Guess you weren't right but thanks for helping anyway!!
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    Anyone know what plant this is?

    After some googling of Dieffenbachia I'm quite sure that's what it is, so thanks so much !!
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    Anyone know what plant this is?

    Hi ! This is my first post on here, just wanted to ask if anyone knows what plant this is? I picked it up about a month or so ago from a nearby nursery because I wanted a nice plant to keep in my bedroom. I've been watering it once about every 3-4 days with a glass of water. Would love to know...