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    I'm killing it :(

    Just cut into the bare stem ,have just looked at mine and can see where it was cut about 4 inches up from the bottom, and has 3 strong stems now. Got to be brave.
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    Jade plant looking droopy?

    Looks ok to me,remember this is a succulent and does not need a lot of water.
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    I'm killing it :(

    It is dracena. If you cut back by half it should reshoot, not too much water though.
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    Lavender help

    Trim those off,do not water everyday it does not need it. That is the main problem.
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    Cherry Tomato

    How long is a piece of string? They take as long to ripen as it takes, but they will,then they will all ripen at once. Gardening is sometimes just a waiting game.
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    Moths in Primroses...

    Moths and butterflies are part of the eco-system ,but their young need food and food is often green plants. Your best bet,if you want to deter, put a few mothballs amongst the plants .
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    Tiny flies in soil?

    More detail is required and a few pictures. Is this in the open garden or in pots? What do you mean by white paint as well ? You will never see fly eggs,my suspicion is that is season long food ,but again pictures needed.
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    New lawn

    That is a glysophate weedkiller, so will kill the grass and the weeds, if that is the way you really want to go,it is not instant and you will not see any results for about 2 weeks. Now as for just laying turf on top,you can,after you have prepared the soil, which means turning it over and...
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    Spots on tomato plants and pepper plants yellowing

    Tomatoes are vulnerable to lots of things, if it is growing away,wouldn't worry to much.
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    Spots on tomato plants and pepper plants yellowing

    That is slug or snail damage on the pepper.
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    Cherry Tree - dying?

    I don't think that is any bug attack,that looks terminal. Look down the trunk,is there any sap oozzing out.? How long since it was planted?
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    Why is my Fiddle Leaf Fig looking so sad?

    Pot is definitely too small,if a root is comimg out of the bottom, sure sign it needs moving on.
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    Avocado Tree Dying?

    I would take it out of that pot ,it is too big,for such a small plant,needs potting down . To water 3 times a week is just too much,that is the other problem. So pot down ,less water,when it shows signs of growth again, move on.
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    Forty Shades of Green

    You can buy a spot spray that kills broadleaved weeds and not harm grass.
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    More spider plant issues. Browning at base where pruned. See photo

    Just leave it,don't water at all until pot is light. These are pretty hardy plants and thrive on neglect in offices . It should be ok and start growing away soon.