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    Kalanchoe NOT happy

    Hi All! I've been noticing some strange looking damage on my Kalanchoe. I haven't seen any pests, so I think it's soil/water/humidity/nutrient related. It seems to come and go. When it happens, the leaves curl inward and these little silver marks show up on the lower leaves. Any ideas on what...
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    Greetings from Michigan!

    Hi All! New plant mom here trying desperately to keep my small collection of houseplants from getting any smaller. I know you're not supposed to pick favorites (yes, that is a lame plant mom joke!), but my aglaonema has a special place in my heart - she puts out new leaves all year round -...
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    Dracaena Drama

    SOS! Hoping someone can help me work out what's wrong with my dracaena. The tips of the bottommost leaves have been turning yellow and then brown for months. Also noticing some ominous looking brown spots and discoloration on the main part of a few leaves. Not sure what's wrong! I started using...