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    How beneficial is the aloe gel supplied directly from the plant?

    The gel directly from the plant is fantastic! I worked in a restaurant where we kept an aloe plant on hand for burns and used the plant instead of what we kept in the first aid kit.
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    Late vegetables

    I planted Kale last fall that is still growing now. It has been through the worst winter and ravaged by groundhogs. It just keeps coming back.
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    The herbs and healing plants in our garden

    I'm hoping to divide sections of my garden in the back into a cooking herb section and a medicinal herb section and start making my own spices, oils, and tinctures. Buying herbal remedies can be really expensive and I have to stay away from a lot of non-organic products because of dyes. It's...
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    The Wartime Kitchen and Garden

    Thank you for posting this video! I want to learn how to do more food preservation and canning. I was hoping to do more this year, but just planning for my surgery has taken most of my time this summer. I will keep growing herbs inside all winter and start seeds early next spring inside. Give my...
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    Interesting DIY project for the garden

    I wonder if my boyfriend would think this is more creepy than the garden gnomes and let me have my gnomes!? I still haven't gotten him to bend to my will on my gnomie friends... It's just not a proper garden without one!
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    Snake in my oven

    OH! I remember the first time I ever saw a snake was in the garden and it was a garter snake. I was like 5 and it scared the bejesus out of me! It was behind a flower and was like ZOOM! I'm not a fan of snakes, but I'm not terrified of them. I'll hold or touch smaller non poisonous ones, but I...
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    Protecting the plants from intruders

    Oh. We had a groundhog that had babies. My dog keeps running them off, but I live in city limits and can scare them with the rifle like my grandpa used to. My dog did end up killing two of them in July. So I think that would leave us with three groundhogs still left in the neighborhood. I only...
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    Ideas for Cinder Block

    I will have to take some pictures in my yard. The old owners have made paths and a patio using cinderblock. It's really neat. I'll take pictures when I get home if it's not raining.
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    Feral plants from abandoned houses.

    Be careful! But do save the plants that you can safely. They were loved by someone once.
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    And it begins.....

    Those look great! Our weather is so up and down that I have keep babying my little plants and saying a little prayer. :X3:
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    I'm a little confused as to what we are urinating on? I'm not sure my urine would be good for anything. It's full of pharmacy waste. As for it being easier for men, I have found a nifty little contraption that allows everyone to pee standing up. I've giving everyone with lady bits one for...
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    My Puppy murdered them!

    So we had a mommy ground hog and 3 babies that ate my first harvest of Kale. I was fit to be tied considered I was going to harvest them that day. Now, they have been teasing my Sansa girl for weeks. We had put her out on the line the other day when I was having a very bad pain day. Dan comes in...
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    Repel mosquitos w/o chemicals or repelling fireflies

    I've actually started going a more natural route of repelling mosquitos by planting lemongrass, lavender and citronella. I have a lot of problems with chemicals myself so we try to stay away from using as many chemicals as possible. My gardens are still fairly new so I will let you know how it...
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    Cool DIY project

    That is super cute! I probably wouldn't be allowed to use the power tools though. I'm surprised Dan lets me use a kitchen knife with my tremors! I bet Dan would make it for me if I asked though. It would go on the honey-do list that's a mile long though! haha
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    Chocolate Mint

    Well, I guess I am now a woman on a mission! I had no idea this was an herb. And I have those maple leaf spinners everywhere! I came home from work the other day and even my dog was covered in them! I was like what the....