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    Hi Colin, I know just what your saying, ive managed to do a cut on two sections of the garden lawns, ie we've the orchard and the main lawn and then part by the pool, this section you can't get the big boys toy onto:rolleyes: And just as i was hoping to get the push mower out to do the places...
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    Good morning what a great feeling to be alive and happy:) Moons said good-day as it left and the suns trying to get through those cotton wool clouds, The birds are on the feeding table's (going from one to the other and some are insect hunting around the flower bed's And ive had a good sleep...
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    Hi Logan, The weather here has been cloudy and that "Im warning you im going to pour down sort of day and at about 6-45pm it really did. The boys were all sitting in the kitchen doorway as i ran across the lawn to get in quick, "A sight three little faces looking at me" If only they could...
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    Thunder storm arrived late

    Greetings all Well it's nearly 7pm and ive just finished the Pump-house insolation and except for some wooden shaped tool hanging brackets (i'll make them tomorrow in the workshop, (all scrap wood cut so the verious tool handles shaped to fit onto the wood brackets,) looks tidy and everything...
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    Have almost finished

    headfullofbees, Im lost as to your reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:
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    Have almost finished

    Almost finished the pump house, insolation/ wall lining and will i be glad when its finished tomorrow, As offten happens you think it'll take so long to do a task and find added bits really do draw out the time you thought it would take, Apart from hearing a few walkers going past our house ive...
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    Lawn Treatment Novice

    Hi Bradbury, I see you've a young family using the lawn and it depends on what your calling a lawn, Place for the kids to play is great but the lawn need time to recover if its a lush springy turf your after, But as a general pick me up for your Lawn try this "it works" start by looking at...
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    Hi Logan, Hope your feeling better, (try doing this in front of the mirror three times " i bet you feel much better":p:p:p It's a dull one to start with here, but it's forcast tobe sunny later on, Im half indoord and half outdoors doing the finishing off of the pumphouse, Ive been out there...
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    What's your favourite part of gardening?

    Thank you Chanella, (y)
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    This ones for the new to gardening

    And your reply to my comment ref noise/sunday gardening, I think you need to stop coming on here with the attitiude your showing ref both these comments from myself, Im big enough to say when i dont like this sort of remarks out in the open (no need to report) Now you've got it straight from...
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    This ones for the new to gardening

    What are you trying to say SEAN,?
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    This ones for the new to gardening

    One of the best bits of info you can get and keep is the seed packet, These packets will have all the info you'll need to know ref the seeds you've bought, they're worth keeping as a general info for future ref, But remember the seed companies info ref when to sow etc is only a general guide...
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    Transplanted roses

    I live in France now and pre france i lived in the uk.
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    A change of plan.

    Greetings all, Well its been a bit of a change of plan today And very little gardening done, except the greenhouse checking to see all's well. I put a new metal roof on the pump house last september, And as the local (18miles away) DIY store was having a glass fibre sale i thought i'd get a...
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    For me, what ranks right up there with.....

    All anyone has to do if they're undecided ref chemicles is study the subject you say you like In this case it's gardening, Unlike when i first got interested in gardening the www forum's we're not here, Now we have google etc and if you want to know anything then it's available, But we do...