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    How to remove ivy covering a tree

    The one tree the ivy has just about killed there are very few limbs left on the tree. The other tree is very large and can be saved if I can stop the growth of the ivy.
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    How to remove ivy covering a tree

    Thanks, I was thinking I would need a saw to cut the growth off the tree.
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    How to remove ivy covering a tree

    Ivy is growing on two trees in the yard. The one tree is in serious danger of being killed. I looked at the ivy has grown a trunk onto the tree. How do I get rid of the ivy?
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    What is the oldest house plant you have?

    I have a peace lily that was given to my daughter about 5 years ago that I took to protect the plant as my daughter is not into plants.
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    Flowers You Think Are Dead that come back to life

    I love when that happens. I had a rose bush that only bloomed once a year but when it did it was beautiful.
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    Oak Leaf Hydrangeas as a Standard

    The hydrangea is one of my favorite plants. I do not live in a climate that is good for the plant. I had several in my yard when I lived on the west coast.
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    Long lasting vegetables?

    Potatoes seem to last a very long time with sprouting.
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    15 Ways to Add Color To Your Garden

    Ornamental grass is a great way to add color and texture to your garden. Here are 15 ways to use ornamental grass...
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    Winter flowers

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Tonight's Drunken Bonfire Video

    Thanks for sharing your barn fire sing along.
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    Introducing myself and our backyard project!

    Welcome to the group.
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    Flowers and Foliage at Shirakawago

    Very nice pictures, these types of pictures help to give a different idea of what Japan looks like. I always think of those little rice huts you see in the movies.
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    Japanese Garden at Tatton Park

    Beautiful. The waiting area sculpture is something I would want in my garden.
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    Winter what do you do?

    The yard needs to be cleaned up, it was neglected this summer. There are 5 trees that will start to drop leaves in a few weeks, big job to get them all up before the snow starts.
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    Overgrown Gardens

    It does sound like a lot of hard work but well worth it. I like to hack at and cut as much as I can to remove the unwanted overgrowth. Then I dig at the roots to get as much as I can without chemicals. Good luck.