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    New garden - identifying existing plants 1

    That one is a Crocosmia, possibly "Lucifer"
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    Pear tree not bearing fruit. Help?!

    Did you buy it and plant it? Or did you inherit it? I'm just wondering if it is a seedling pear growing on it's own roots. Most fruit trees that you buy are grafted onto a root stock of known behaviour. For example I planted some new pears on a dwarfing rootstock two years (these plants would...
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    Elephant it a lot, can't seem to find any

    Over here in the UK "Elephants Ears" refer to the tough as nails outdoor plant Bergenia a member of the Saxifrage family, originating in the Himalayan region, grown for foliage colour and spring flowers. Always used to be a good place to find snails. Common names eh!
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    What’s this on leaves?

    Looks like a variety of scale insect, yes get rid of it. Treatment enquire locally as I don't know what's available in Australia.
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    The Hand of Moses Lemon HELP!!

    I know it as Buddha's Hand for info see here and Personally I think it looks like a Dalek with jaundice.
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    How to apply boron to beets?

    Boron is an essential nutrient for plants and deficiency can lead to hollow or rotting centres in the beet. Also helps cauliflowers form tight heads and brussels form tight sprouts. I would apply a dilute solution of borax and water it on. Don't know American units and dosage rate. I apply a...
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    Accuracy of pH Meters

    Personally I wouldn't touch one of the two metal probe pH meters with a barge pole (UK), very long stick(USA). For the home gardener the cheapest solution is indicator paper or an indicator solution. Both of these you need to take a sample shake with water and allow to settle then measure...
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    Arabian Jasmine - Buds getting red and fall off without blooming

    What is your climate like? What type of soil are you growing it in? My first thought, from the colour of the leaves is it needs a good feed. Also how dry/wet is it?
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    Dr. Earth Motherland soil and earwigs

    Are US earwigs different to UK ones? In the UK the common variety is Forficula auricularia: see here for info and pics In the UK they are not much of a problem certainly not forming colonies that need dousing with insecticide. I find them more an irritant...
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    How often do you fertilize the lawn?

    Never ever and only mow it when over 4" long, it's grass it grows. Main uses are wildlife habitat, green stuff for the compost heap, as a land bank and preventer of soil erosion.
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    If You Have a Mouse Problem

    I'm sure you could find a more humane way to kill mice with a little thought. I prefer the "Little Nipper" cheap, easy and efficient.
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    Understanding Peach Tree "Hours under 45 degrees"

    Essentially every hour below 45°F adds to the switching on of fertile flower production.
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    Storing onion setts

    Unlikely to keep until next year, I generally have a few left that I keep as replacements for any that don't stat and by mid summer they have either sprouted or shriveled. You could try in the bottom of the fridge in a plastic box, to stop them drying out completely, but you would have to...
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    Soil Moisture

    I must admit I hadn't thought of special scales for weighing gunpowder. For UK and other metric users 1 grain = 0.065 grams. How big a soil sample do you take?
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    Soil Moisture

    Can't quite see how its going to work, the picture shows a form of balance, scale pan on the left, pivot on the left of the cast? piece then on the right of that what could be a spring or indicator (it's a really small, blurry picture so detail is hard to make out) So I presume use would be to...