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    Plant Databases

    Note has been dormant for a longtime. Try instead or
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    How to Compost Lawn Sod

    Remove turf in manageable sections, stack turf side down in a quiet corner, water them then cover over with old compost sacks or similar. Leave for 12 months uncover and use the nice crumbly loam.
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    Shrubs to plant between bamboo?

    I have a variegated Vinca growing in one of mine, keep trying to remove it, without success. A hardy geranium grows at the front and I have a clematis trained to grow through it. Roots off to on eside. The main thing would be water, particularly for Camellia that need water in summer to form...
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    Fixing up a neglected garden!

    Given that it is a retaining wall I would dig out that end and repair as best I could and backfill. Also check deeds of property to see if you have a duty to maintain it. You say it carries on down a neighbouring building photos of that continuation would be useful. I'd get rid of the two...
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    Red spots and holes in Hydrangea

    Just a couple of points about phosphate, phosphoric acid, and phosphorus. Phosphoric acid is found in Coca Cola and and is why it can be used to clean coins and as a gentle rust remover (I know it needs a good rinse to get rid of the sugar) Phosphorus itself can be toxic (search for phossy...
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    Carnivorous terrarium

    My insectiverous plants live in washing up bowls, packed round with chopped moss and some peat. They live outside outside in summer and in a cold greenhouse in winter.
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    Is wine acidic or alkaline?

    Depends on how much. I have always thought of wine as acidic, as it contains fruit acids. A quick look online at a wine enthusiat site says pH 3 to 4. The crystals you can find in wine sometimes are tartaric acid. White wines are generally less acidic than red.
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    New garden - identifying existing plants 1

    That one is a Crocosmia, possibly "Lucifer"
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    Pear tree not bearing fruit. Help?!

    Did you buy it and plant it? Or did you inherit it? I'm just wondering if it is a seedling pear growing on it's own roots. Most fruit trees that you buy are grafted onto a root stock of known behaviour. For example I planted some new pears on a dwarfing rootstock two years (these plants would...
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    Elephant it a lot, can't seem to find any

    Over here in the UK "Elephants Ears" refer to the tough as nails outdoor plant Bergenia a member of the Saxifrage family, originating in the Himalayan region, grown for foliage colour and spring flowers. Always used to be a good place to find snails. Common names eh!
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    What’s this on leaves?

    Looks like a variety of scale insect, yes get rid of it. Treatment enquire locally as I don't know what's available in Australia.
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    The Hand of Moses Lemon HELP!!

    I know it as Buddha's Hand for info see here and Personally I think it looks like a Dalek with jaundice.
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    How to apply boron to beets?

    Boron is an essential nutrient for plants and deficiency can lead to hollow or rotting centres in the beet. Also helps cauliflowers form tight heads and brussels form tight sprouts. I would apply a dilute solution of borax and water it on. Don't know American units and dosage rate. I apply a...
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    Accuracy of pH Meters

    Personally I wouldn't touch one of the two metal probe pH meters with a barge pole (UK), very long stick(USA). For the home gardener the cheapest solution is indicator paper or an indicator solution. Both of these you need to take a sample shake with water and allow to settle then measure...
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    Arabian Jasmine - Buds getting red and fall off without blooming

    What is your climate like? What type of soil are you growing it in? My first thought, from the colour of the leaves is it needs a good feed. Also how dry/wet is it?