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    Need help in identifying this plant

    Thank you cpp gardener! Will try to do that :)
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    Need help in identifying this plant

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with the name of this plant? It was not doing well in sunlight, nor is it doing well in shade. I'm unable to figure out how to save this plant. Thanks!
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    Please name this plant

    Looks like Phlox paniculata to me :) Dianthus have more jagged peripheries (like pencil sharpenings)
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    Gazania blooms unhealthy

    Hello, My gazania flowers have reduced in size and the petals do not unfurl properly. Could you please advice how to care for these and what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!
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    My plant seems to stop growing and its leaves turn yellow

    Hi Kachibi, This looks like an Areca palm to me. As far as I know, these plants prefer bright light but not direct sunlight. The soil should be just moist - neither dry nor too wet. And my Areca palm's leaves had started turning a reddish-brown when I mistakenly over-fertilized it (like it...
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    Some one Help please

    Hi Nedal, Did you apply any fertilizer when you repotted your plant? I had a similar issue, some of the fronds were turning brown, and it was related to over-fertilizing. Kindly check this thread
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    Help, yellow leaves on Peace Lily. Thank you!

    Hi StellasStar, I read some articles which mention Peace Lilies can develop yellow leaves if they receive too much light. Maybe you could try moving the plant a little further away from the window and check if it improves? Also about the watering schedule , even I find it difficult to...
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    What is the best houseplant for my area/situation(see post)!

    Hi SunshineAndSoil, I think a ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) might suit your house :)
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    Spider Plant Leaves Folding

    Hi Miette, did you finish repotting the plant? Did the roots look healthy, sturdy and white? I have lost 2 spider plants and I do not have much knowledge about the plant's care - but I'd like to share the mistake I made - overwatering. My plant was bigger than the one you showed (but in a 4 inch...
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    ZZ Plant- Leaves folding and closing up

    Thank you Zahraa :) I had read that about moving away from light too, and needed a confirmation whether that could be the reason. Contradicting articles say keeping a ZZ plant in bright light ensures growth and I am new to this plant - so was super confused on what to follow! Anyway, thank you...
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    ZZ Plant- Leaves folding and closing up

    Hello, My ZZ plant is placed almost 10 feet away from an East facing large window and receives bright indirect light. This was how it looked like 4 months ago. Recently, the leaves are folding up and closing up on themselves. There has not been any growth in these past 4 months, just the...
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    Plant Identification Please

    This looks like a Golden Pothos to me.
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    Wilted spider plant not recovering

    Hi cpp gardener, unfortunately my plant died within 2 days after I posted my question. :( I was too late in realising there was a problem. Learning point, next time I get a spider plant I will be mindful of these points. Thank you :)
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    Wilted spider plant not recovering

    Thank you Nicole! Will do that :)
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    Wilted spider plant not recovering

    Hello, I received a spider plant 10 days back which wasn't in a great shape - the roots were dangling from the drainage holes, some leaves were yellow and some had brown spots on the edges. I watered it once it arrived and once a week later , but I noticed that the soil was not drying out fast...