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    Kite flying

    My children and I fly kites often. There are many kites stuck in the trees around our house.;) We like to experiment with making our own and using different things for the tail. We usually fly them on days with light wind. If it is too windy the kite breaks. If the lower wind is light, the...
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    Does anyone have a palm tree??

    My mom has mine. It got too big for my space! It is about 6 feet tall now. I got it about 30 years ago when it was maybe 10" tall! I just repot it now and then to a larger pot with fresh soil. That is really all I have done. I don't even think I ever fertilized it!
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    Favorite Flowers

    Zinnia 1st, Daisy a close 2nd. :) Then all other flowers!
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    Wild carrots?

    Nettles are very healthy!! I dry them and brew them in with my tea. They are extremely high in vitamins and minerals. I mulch my garden. That usually takes care of most of the weeds. A layer of cardboard or thick newspapers will help speed up the process. Cover that with whatever you can...
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    New here and gardening world!

    Welcome! Your avocado is looking very nice! Mine gets leggy in the winter, but I put it outside when it is warm and it gets lush and green. Is that a pineapple top I see? We have a few growing now. I get things started then end up giving them away and starting more. ;) I don't have a lot...
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    What's looking good in March 2016

    We found a couple asparagus a few days ago! We each ate a little bite raw. No more yet. :( The Arugula will be big enough to harvest in another week or so. It is hard to be patient! I can't wait for yummy, fresh garden veggies! We are almost out of sweet potatoes and canned tomatoes from...
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    Do Any Of You Have Household Aloe?

    I always have aloe growing indoors. Our winters are too cold to put it outside here in Missouri. It is a succulent so prefers indirect light and easy on the watering. I let the soil completely dry out before I water. It is excellent for burns and sunburns. We snip off the end of a leaf and...
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    New member

    Welcome! How exciting to be in a new place with all the hopes and possibilities!! What zone are you in? What do you hope to grow? Flowers, vegetables, ??
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    Your Pets

    Oh cool! Love all the pets! I have actually reduced my zoo over the last few years. I recently rehomed 2 boas and 2 parakeets to a friend and our tarantula, Julius, died an untimely death in an incident with the house cat at a frat party where he lived with my son :oops: We have 5 outdoor...
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    Got a new rose today and it was free

    Awesome! I am always rescuing plants from the dumpster and the recycling center. Last fall I found a Clematis at the mulch recycling center still in the pot from Lowe's! It is hang out with my houseplants until I can plant it when the weather is warmer. Yes, pictures please! I would love to...
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    Zone 6 seed starting

    I am in Missouri. I start cold weather plants (cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc) in January to plant in March. I start warm weather plants (tomatoes, peppers, etc). In March to plant in May. We used to plant them outside May 1st, but the last few years have waited until Mid-May due to late frosts.
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    Winter (or Summer) of 2015/2016

    It has been milder here in Missouri the last two winters, but nothing that unusual. We used to plant tomatoes and peppers May 1st, but now must wait a week or two later as we have had some early May frost and cold weather over the last few years.
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    Starting plants from seed

    It would depend on how far apart the shelves are, how many plants, etc. I don't think you can get too much light so I would do more rather than less. The closer to the light the better too. Otherwise they will get long and leggy trying to reach the light.
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    Starting tomatoes from seed?

    I get much better results with old heating pads and regular fluorescent shop light fixtures. We do not have enough sun here in the winter for the plants to grow well. They get leggy and pale and grow slowly. When I use heat and lights they get so big in 6 weeks that I have to repot into...
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    Like any vegetable, okra purchased at the grocery store does not compare in taste to fresh harvested! I harvest mine small (no more than 3" long) and lightly sautee whole with the stem snipped off. If I have an overabundance, I slice them into rings, coat with flour, cornmeal, and spices and...