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    Trying to identify this cactus?

    Matucana polzii - found the name at last !
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    Trying to identify this cactus?

    Please don't tell me another hybrid haha... I've been searching Mammillaria and Echinopsis but no luck as yet. What's the general view of splitting clusters like this, or just leaving them?
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    Aloe mix ??

    It has 3 weird long triffid flower stems now !!
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    Aloe mix ??

    Anyone know the name of this please?
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    Small house plant, or at least I have it in a pot

    I was thinking Poinsettia
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    Indoor Plants, Very Low Light

    Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant) is a good classic. Snake Plants are ok and Marantas don't mind low light. What about considering a lit terrarium and grow your own plant world?
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    Buying Plants Online

    I am just getting into buying plants on Ebay, some great results. I do get cross when you get a card with seeds on and you're expecting a plant. The ads can be misleading so best to check!
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    Succulent identification!

    Echeveria Agaoides?