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    Overwintering tropical plants

    Just posted about the grow light I got. I have it set up in my basement which stays between 55-75f during winter. I have Mexican flame vine plants that I wish to keep as well as 2 tropical hibiscus plants. This grow light has red, blue and white lights but no instructions as to which to use...
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    What's your latest garden buy/ bargain.....share please.

    Hubby and I were walking the aisles at Ollies Barham outlet and found grow lights for $19.99. Thought it was a fair price so picked one up. Went on line to see about which settings to use. The cheapest price for this light is $48, highest $100! Road trip back to Ollies!
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    Sensual Plants

    Russian sage looks similar to lavander and has a similar smell.
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    Sensual Plants

    Rosemary & Russian sage
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    Austin roses scent?

    Mine is pure white and a very strong scent. Still blooming strong here and we have had night temps in 40s
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    Pot size

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    Austin roses scent?

    Saw your post- I have 2 large Blanc- they bloom all season. I cut them back after each bloom and they just send out more buds.
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    Austin roses scent?

    I love the rugosa roses for their hardiness and the scent. My favorite it Blanc Double de Coubert.
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    Need help identifying this tall Aster-like wildflower: still in bloom in CT

    Website says they can be a very pale blue or white.
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    Please ID this rose

    Looks like a Knock-out rose. They are great, require little to no pruning and long bloom time.
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    How to transport Aloe vera plants without pots?

    A lot of plants are shipped with roots packed in wet newspaper. If you are going to put it in plastic, make sure to keep it cool.
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    "Frosted" weed amongst my Black-Eyed Susans?

    As far as the id on it, looks to be mondaria- bee balm.
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    Help Identifying pink wildflower growing near water

    Looks like purple loosetrife
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    What to do under this tree

    How about Ice Plant?