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    Informational Chart for Various Plants

    Check to see if there are any native garden plant nurseries in your area. Most come back every year or self-sow so no replacing every year.
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    Nova Zembla rhododendron

    We got 2 from Ohio years ago and planted them here in Maryland. It was at least 5 years before they bloomed. Our are in full shade, never watered or fertilized.
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    Elephant ear, what kind?

    Hi Fred. Is there still a leaf on the plant that you can post a picture of?
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    Need help to identify this plant (supposedly mangosteen)

    Looks like Ziziphus jujube- jujube or red date.
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    Identify this plant don't know if its a flower or a weed.

    I get them all over because of the bird seed we put out.
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    Need help identifying this tree/fruit

    This was a tough one- White sapote- also called Mexican apple.
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    Indoor plants died overnight, heat issue?

    What type of planting mix are you using?
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    Are these berries edible?

    The plant itself is toxic to animals
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    Vanishing parsnips

    Voles will eat the bottom and leave the top!
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    Any thoughts on what kind of plant I have

    Gotta ask @Marck - Are you a botanist or do you have a really great plant app?? Your knowledge is amazing
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    What is this Plant/Ground Cover?

    It is very hard to get rid of! It sends out runners a huge root system. Any little piece of root will regrow. I have yet to find anything to kill it.
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    Is this wheat ?

    Looks like Echinochloa crus-galli-Japanese millet. If you have a birdfeeder close by, this will show up a lot. Millet is a big part of birdseed.
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    Trying to figure out a tomato variety

    Maybe Pink Brandywine?
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    What is this plant?

    Hard to tell from the blurry photo but could be coleus or purple basil.
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    September 2021 Photo of the Month - Water

    Tree frog in lily pool